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Grand Master Zhu Tiancai
Chen Style Taijiquan

authorized by Grand Master Zhu Tiancai

Providing a Complete Curriculum in the USA for Traditional Chen Style Taijiquan
Under the Instruction of 19th Generation  Chen Taiji Grand Master Zhu Tiancai

       Welcome to the                

Zhu Tiancai International Taijiquan 


(Zhu Tiancai ITF)

Prepare for the Spring 2015 Workshops with
Grand Master Zhu Tiancai

Beginners and Advanced Welcome

Seminars also available in

May 1-3          Tampa FL    Steve Contes
May 15-17     Jacksonville FL   Kam Lee
May 22-24    Atlanta GA   Florin Sczondi
May 29-31      Washington DC    CP Ong

Plan for our Sept 2015 China Trip

10 Days Training in Chen Village

click here for info

or contact Steve at taijicenter@aol.com

Train in Chen Village with

Grand Master Zhu Tiancai

 & his son Master Xiang Hua
in their newly

 renovated school

We will be visiting additional Historical Cities as well as

10 days in Chen Village

Tampa Bay FL Workshop - August 2015

Chen Taiji Basics

       You Can Also Take your first step
becoming a  Chen Taiji Instructor as 

Part of Zhu Tiancai Lineage  

    If you would like to attend or host a Chen Taiji Seminar
please contact us at  taijicenter@aol.com

       ITF Founder: Chen Style Taiji Grand Master Zhu Tiancai 

                          Who is Grand Master Zhu Tiancai?

              19th Generation Disciple of Chen family Taijiquan
                                          read more

                    click photo below for Lao Jia Yi Lu Demo



 Become an ITF member now and save on upcoming workshops

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       or   call 727-859-8355    email



   Now Accepting School & Individual Memberships

Mission Statement:
To allow each and every student the opportunity to study and experience traditional Chen Style Taijiquan as it has been passed down over the generations and still practiced today in Chenjiagou. Next trip to Grand Master's home/school in Chen Village willbe April 2014. All guests are welcome.   CLICK HERE FOR TRIP INFO

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  press player to enjoy the traditional Chinese music


                      Founder : Grand Master Zhu Tiancai   President : Master Kam Lee  
                                                     VP : Steve Contes
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